Podcast #2 - How feeding raw food can make your dog live longer

In 1970’s dogs lived on average 5-6 years longer than they do now.
You ask why?
In this episode Thomas and I will answer this question. 

Thomas Sandberg, is an Animal Naturopath, researcher and the founder of Long Living Pets Research Projects, the world’s largest and longest observational study into the effects of feeding a dog or cat a raw food diet. 

In this episode Thomas and I will discuss:

- How to strengthen your dog’s immune system at home
- How kibble food is harming your pet
- Why should we pay attention to carbohydrates
- What raw food should I give to my pet
- Over-vaccination

What’s the most important insight you’re taking away from this conversation? And how you can put this into action right now?

Please leave your answers in comments below!

Thank you so much for watching and we will catch up next time on hack the dog podcast.


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