Top 5 Mistakes Dog Parents Make

We all wish our dogs could live forever, don’t we?

Sadly, that’s not a realistic wish.

The fact is, dogs are dying younger than they used to. They’re getting more cancers and other chronic diseases than ever before.

Do you wonder why that’s happening?

Well … there are a few mistakes dog owners make … that may be harming their dogs.

#1. Repeating Vaccines Unnecessarily

You probably get a vet reminder every year to bring your dog in for his vaccines. We found out 60% of vets are still vaccinating dogs annually.

Annual vaccinations are dangerous for your dog.

Oover-vaccination can cause lifelong problems for your dog (autoimmune disease, cancer and other chronic conditions).

And it’s also completely unnecessary.

Dr Schultz (yes, him again – told you!) … proved with his research that most dogs are protected for life by the shots they got as puppies.

"He has been studying the effectiveness of canine vaccines since the 1970s; he’s learned that immunity can last as long as a dog’s lifetime!"

And if your vet doesn’t agree with that … you can get a titer to prove it.

Titers are blood tests that show the level of protection your dog has to a specific disease. So ask your vet for a titer … instead of just blindly re-vaccinating your dog.

You can lear abour over-vaccination by listening to our podcast with Thomas Sanberg.

(Thomas Sandberg, is an Animal Naturopath, researcher and the founder of Long Living Pets Research Projects, the world’s largest and longest observational study into the effects of feeding a dog or cat a raw food diet.)

#2. Feeding Kibble 

How would you like to eat cornflakes for every meal … every day of your life?

Because … when you feed kibble, that’s what you’re giving your dog.

Not to mention the fact that the nutrition is so poor.

That's why we prepared RAW, LOW CARB and ORGANIC MEAT dog food just for you! 

Kibble Is Fake, Dead Food!
Kibble is processed at high temperatures. The heat kills what little nutrition there is in the original ingredients.

So they add in a bunch of synthetic vitamins and minerals … then they can call it “complete and balanced.”

Synthetic vitamins and minerals aren’t well absorbed by your dog’s body … and can be harmful long-term.

So the result is … kibble doesn’t provide your dog with good nutrition.

If you want to learn more about marketing myths of kibble food and how it harms your pet's health read this:

#3. Applying Toxic Pest Repellents

The spot-on products may seem safe. And of course, the makers assure you … that your dog’s organs don’t absorb the pesticides.

But there’s research showing that’s not true.

Dr Deva Khalsa explains the risks of the spot-on chemicals.

So … there are safer, more natural ways to keep pests off your dog.

- You can buy many natural sprays to keep the bugs away.

- You can even make some insect repellent recipes yourself!

#4. Bathing Your Dog With Harmful Shampoos

That's where our project where started...

You might not think bathing your dog is risky … but you’d be surprised.

Even shampoos that look natural … often contain harmful ingredients.

Here are her Top Dog Shampoo Ingredients To Avoid

If you want to learn more about harmful shampoos and how to avoid bad ingredients read our article here:

Or if you want we can take care of your puppy! We created natural, vegan dog shampoo (suitable for humans too! ). 

#5. Walk Too Little 

Regular exercise provides your pet with countless benefits, including helping the body's detoxification efforts.

Physical movement promotes regular elimination, which helps to remove waste from the body in urine and feces.

Exercise stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, so toxins are moved efficiently to the liver and kidneys for processing.

(We've talked more about lymphatic system and exercise with Thomas Sanberg on our podcast).

Physical activity also improves respiration and helps your pet eliminate mucus from the respiratory tract.

If there’s one thing I hope you’ve learned from this post … it’s to do your research … and avoid anything that could be toxic to your dog.

With love,


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