Feeding your French Bulldog:
A guide for busy people

Look at those dark expressive eyes. Be careful, they will stare straight into your heart. The bunny - like ears and the pug - like nose, French Bulldogs are just irresistible! It is no wonder that they are among the most desirable breeds of dogs to own right now. In fact, they have found their way into the homes of the most popular celebrities today like Lady Gaga, Dwayne “The Rock”Johnson and the Beckhams. In pop culture, the most famous French Bulldog is Stella, owned by the patriarch Jay Pritchett, on the hit show Modern Family.

How do you take care of them? What do bulldogs eat? What is the best food to feed a French Bulldog? Read on to find out.

A low maintenance dog with some health concerns

One of the reasons Amanda got her French Bulldog, Rosie is because she heard that it does not take a lot to take care of them. Amanda runs her own business but loves having the companionship of a dog. She has had a dog ever since she can remember. As a result, Amanda cannot imagine her life without a canine.

The benefits about owning Frenchies are that they are friendly, good with kids and do not get overly excited. Like other dogs, it’s good to brush their coat to remove dead fur and to clean their face as if you haven’t noticed already, it is full of wrinkles. Some dirt could become trapped in there.

The American Kennel Club reports that there are three things that you have to keep in mind when owning a French Bulldog:

1.Because of their small and stocky body, they will not be running all over the place like a Golden Retriever. While they need a good amount of exercise, leisure walks and some simple games are enough to keep them fit. In addition, because of their bulky body, do not allow them to be near any body of water without supervision. Frenchies cannot swim.

2. Because their flat faces could cause breathing problems, it is important to not over-stimulate them especially in hot weather. In addition, because of their short hair, it is important to keep them warm in the cold months.

3. One of the biggest worries of owners is French Bulldog diets. They tend to become obese rather easily. It is important to keep a balanced diet. If it starts to get too fat, you can improve the diet. because the calorie in and calorie out mindset it's not what we follow. The nutrition value is more important.

What is the best food to feed your French Bulldog?

When Amanda first got Rosie, like any responsible dog owner she researched what to feed her French Bulldog puppy. She learned that French Bulldog diets should be monitored closely. Amanda was surprised how quickly Rosie devoured her food though. She learned that bulldogs will eat what you give them, pretty much all the time. Amanda was happy that Rosie was growing up fast but a little too fast. Rosie was also getting lazy and lethargic. The dog didn’t seem so interested in those backyard games anymore. During the checkup with the Vet, she was informed that Rosie was obese.

INTERESTING FACT! 53% of adult dogs in the US are overweight or obese.

This shocked Amanda as she was trying her best to keep track of Rosie’s diets. The Vet gave her some good tips about what is the best food for her French Bulldog. The Vet had heard many good things about a raw diet for French Bulldogs. When informed, Amanda was concerned about feeding her French Bulldog a raw diet. She felt weird about giving her bulldog raw meats.

However, the Vet informed Amanda that a raw diet for French Bulldogs is actually much better than most of the options from the supermarket.

A lot of factory produced dog food contains artificial preservatives like BHA and BHT. They also contain fillers like corn and wheat. This could cause allergic reactions like smelly farts and skin rashes. In combination with the extra proteins, this could explain the extra weight gain in Rosie.

So you want to put your French Bulldog on a Raw Diet

After Amanda got home, she jumped on the internet machine and started to research the best raw food for French Bulldogs. She found out that it was more than just feeding a bulldog meats. It includes lots of other foods like fruits and vegetables. Amanda was disappointed that she hadn’t found this while researching about what to feed her French Bulldog puppy.

For Frenchies, a raw diet comes with many benefits. They are not limited to:

  • A soft shiny coat,
  • Healthier skin
  • Fresher breath and cleaner teeth
  • Less gas problems
  • More energetic
  • Regular bowel movements

Many advocates of the raw diet for dogs suggest that this is the best food for your french bulldog. In fact, it is the way nature intended. These are what dogs ate before domestication. Their teeth and digestive system is built for dealing with raw meats not processed kibbles. It is important to note that the experts say not to introduce the diet right away. Feeding your French Bulldog raw meats too quickly might cause some gastrointestinal problems in the beginning. As a result, this may derail your efforts.

The best way is to add a little bit of raw food at a time while taking away the kibbles. You might introduce some oils infused with omega 3 in the beginning then some raw quail eggs. After that, a bit of ground meat and raw vegetables. Finally, some chunks of muscles and organs. Of course, you should always consult your vet and or canine nutritionist before making radical changes to your dog’s diet.

All this constant monitoring seems to be a lot of work for Amanda. While she loves Rosie, she feels that she needs to concentrate on her business also. Luckily for Amanda there is a service like ZENOO. She was recommended to the service by a fellow dog parent at a dog park she frequents. The business provides a tailor made experience for your dog feeding needs. They work closely with vets and canine nutritionists to decide which combinations make up the best raw food for French Bulldogs.

ZENOO will not only create a unique feeding plan for Rosie but they will recommend some games and activities as well. They are also able to adjust the plan because they know that things come up all the time and plans may change.

After a couple of months, Rosie is now eating only ZENOO foods and supplements. She has regained a lot of the pep in her steps.

I have noticed that Rosie has also lost her overweight and seems more well-defined.

We will definitely not be returning to factory produced kibbles.

- Rosie's owner Amanda

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