We create tailored nutrition plan that includes balanced food, necessary supplements and all the guidance from certified nutritionists for your dog's healthy and happy life.


Other dog food can contain poor quality ingredients like slaughterhouse by-products. They often use harmful heat and pressure processing, then artificially add nutrients back in. Our 100% natural RAW food is balanced, healthy and freeze-dried so it contains all the original nutrients but is very convenient to use.


Every month or depending on your dog needs you will receive tailored & personalized supplements for your pet. Thanks to them, your pet's coat, digestion and body's condition will significantly improve since we use only natural ingredients. What's more, your pet will become more active and joyful. Your nutrition plan is tailored for happiness!


Since we personally create all the necessary plans for your pet, recommendations for its activity, are also included here. Aside from proper nutrition, you should also actively spend time with your dog. We provide a clear plan of activities based on data about your pet and its nutrition so that in the future, your friend will feel good and avoid health problems.

We are available 24/7. You can write to our certified nutritionists at any time and get an answer to any of your questions.


Tell us about your dog so we can create the perfect, healthy food and nutrition plan

We'll create a flexible personalised plan tailored to your dog's specific needs

Your meals & supplements will arrive on a regular, flexible plan that you can cancel at any time


For several years, we continued to change the food to get rid of allergies. And here it is! ZENOO! Recommended by the owner of Lumio. Although we've been eating ZENOO for three months, everything miraculously sorted out - the paws no longer sting, the beard no longer itches. Mona barks only when needed; she is very obedient, listens to my commands, so I will command her to bark out five stars!

Agne, Mona's Owner
Scottish Terrier, 7 years old

ZENOO is a super convenient way to feed our dogs healthy raw food! The freeze dried food is light weight, meaning it is super easy to transport and it also stores really easily since it doesn't need to be frozen or refrigerated! Because it is dried it doesn't smell and doesn't have that "gross factor" when preparing the meal - just add warm water and wait for it to soak in! My picky dog loves this food and for the first time in his life isn't leaving any food behind to waste! If you live in Europe I highly recommend giving MyZenoo a taste test!

Eden, Rigby's Owner
Poodle, 2 years old

When we started feeding dry food, Chip didn't really want to eat it, and in the end, I had to make it taste better. So I put some boiled chicken in the dry food, sometimes butter. But then he suffered from digestion problems, often had diarrhea. And then I finally found a RAW diet with ZENOO. Digestion problems were relieved instantly 😊 Now, he has more energy, although he looks slimmer. Oh, and it's a lot easier for me. Together with Chip, we are happy and grateful.

Irene, Chip's Owner
Mixed Breed, 8 years old

Our promise

Our dogs make us happier and healthier. For us, they have become far more than "just a dog." They are our family. Like humans, all dogs are different, not only by breed but by their metabolism, complexity, nature, and instincts. We know firsthand how awful it is when your pet suffers from stomach problems or has a terrible allergy. That's why our nutritionists, dog trainers, and fitness couches prepare personalized nutrition and activity plans on which your dog will thrive. Happiness and health are what we at ZENOO set out to provide. In addition to nutrition, your dog needs to be active as well. On this occasion, we also provide individual activity and training plans so that you and your pet can spend time together and see good results.

Agota Jakutytė, ZENOO Founder & Head Nutritionist

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