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A greyhound is a very lovable breed. But keeping your pet healthy and happy involves more than just loving and playing with them. Proper greyhound diet and nutrition are crucial, especially because neglect can lead to extreme weight loss, poor immunity, "leaky gut," and various other health issues.

So whether you already own a dog or are thinking of getting a new addition to your family, you may be wondering what the best food for greyhounds is. Read on to find out all the details of a healthy dog diet.

What Do Greyhounds Eat?

Before we jump into the details of greyhound diet and nutrition, let's first discuss the general rules of feeding these incredible creatures.

The average greyhound weighs 25-35 kilograms and this means they require 500 grams to 700 grams of fresh food. This number can vary according to the size of your dog, but not by a significant amount. Incorporating fatty and bony meats in your greyhounds diet once in a while is also recommended.

IMPORTANT! If greyhounds are fed improperly, many health conditions may arise. One of the most widespread problems is bloating which leads to the twisting of the stomach. You can already imagine how painful this can be for your greyhound.

Of course, meat is crucial, but it isn't the sole component of a greyhound diet.

Vegetables are another important food for your dog. Try to avoid feeding your greyhound tomatoes, mushrooms, and raw potatoes, but most other vegetables are recommended. Thinly sliced carrots and cucumbers are a great snack for your dog.

Fruits are a delicious and healthy treat for dogs, especially strawberries, apples, and watermelon. But keep stone fruits and cherries away from your greyhound. Keep in mind, fruit snacks should only be fed to dogs once in a while, as high levels of glucose in fruits can raise a greyhounds blood sugar.

The Best Food for Greyhounds

Now that you know what greyhounds eat in general, let's dive further into what the best foods for them are. A Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet is a copycat version of what your greyhound would eat in the wild.  

A greyhound is a dog breed with one of the highest levels of protein requirement.

This BARF diet is composed of fully raw meat and vegetables. If your greyhound was living in the wild, they would have to catch their own dinner, and this is similar to what they would consume. If their diet doesn’t have enough meat, this could easily lead to coat and skin problems, vomiting, diarrhea, and in the worst case scenario even stomach cancer! Your dog's intestines and stomach are fully prepared to process a raw diet.

But preparing a raw diet for your greyhound can be difficult and requires a lot of planning, especially if this is your first pet. At ZENOO, we do all the necessary nutritional research to ensure what your dog consumes is personalized and tailored.

Preparation of our dog food includes balancing of ingredients, vitamins, nutrients and all else your greyhound needs to stay healthy and happy.

Of course, this pre-packaged food doesn’t contain any cereals, grains, fillers, and sugar so you know that you are only feeding your dog the best!

The amount that your pet must consume depends on its size and weight, so you must do some research beforehand.

Trust ZENOO to take the best care of your loyal friend and family member!

Not only does our dog food make feeding easier and quicker but it also ensures your dog is being provided with all the nutrients and vitamins it needs. You can find out more about our well-balanced and high quality dog food here.

Ogi & Toki just love ZENOO raw food, we forgot how picky they used to be.

Our older Toki suffered from stomach problems, but using properly formulated recipes and lifestyle plans we have managed to avoid any bloating. 


- Ogi & Toki owner Patric

Finding the best dog food for greyhounds can be difficult since it also depends on the individual dog's preferences, so invest some of your time and effort into discovering what your dog likes. Try out different dog food for greyhounds to find a specific type that works for you and your pet. Once you know what to buy, the whole feeding process will get much easier.

When and How to Feed Your Greyhound

Now that you know about the best dog food for greyhounds, here are a few tips and tricks to make feeding time a bit easier.

#1 Choose a specific time

Choosing a time to feed your dog is fully up to you. But keep in mind that pets like and get used to a specific routine, so try to be consistent. Pick a specific time that fits in your schedule and won't always be moved around. Greyhound puppies should be fed three to four times a day while older greyhounds only need feeding twice a day.

#2 No food from the table

If you want a well-mannered pet, don't give in to begging or puppy eyes while you are eating. Let your dog wait until you are done with your meal, and then they will get theirs. This doesn't mean you can't feed them leftovers, but always wait until you are done yourself.

#3 Pause between meals

There must be at least a 5-hour pause between a meal and their last toilet trip of the day. This will allow their food to be fully processed and save you from being woken up at night for a toilet break.

#4 Don't exercise after meal time

To avoid stomach problems and bloating, try not to exercise your greyhound for at least an hour after they have eaten. This same rule applies to feeding your dog after intense exercise as this will become a waste of food.

INTERESTING FACT! Greyhounds are accepted to be the fastest dog breed. They have primarily been bred for coursing game and racing. It comes as no surprise that their legs can carry them as fast as 45 miles per hour.

#5 Fresh water

While fresh food is essential, so is freshwater. Keep refilling your dog’s water bowl, especially if the heat is strong or the sun is out. But try to keep your greyhound from drinking too much water an hour before and after feeding time.

Wrapping Up

Finding your favorite dog food for greyhounds can be tricky, but it will always be worth it when you see your dog's excited face. So keep our tips and tricks in mind when you are planning a feeding time and diet plan for your greyhound. At ZENOO, we take the health and happiness of your greyhounds very seriously, and your pet is sure to love our delicious personalized dog food. We hope your lovely pet has a yummy and healthy meal!

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