What Do Poodles Eat?
5 Killer Products and Their Healthy Alternatives

Wondering what poodles eat? Fortunately, the best food for poodles is almost the same as for other dog breeds. The only thing you need to consider are traits specific to poodles - without enough physical activity, these dogs are prone to becoming overweight. And without sufficient attention to their upbringing and socialization, they will steal food from the table without a twinge of conscience.

Therefore, it is better to understand in advance what kind of food poodles eat and how to feed them correctly.

The Basics of a Poodle’s Diet

What poodles like to eat and what they have to eat to be healthy and beautiful are completely different things. While poodles never mind having some treats from their owner’s table, below are four important products that should be a part of your dog’s diet.

  1. Meat. Since dogs are domesticated predators, meat is the basis of their diet. It is also a source of protein and a valuable resource for the development of strength, endurance, and muscularity.
  2. Fish.  Fish is another source of protein, as well as phosphorus and calcium, which are essential for building strong bones.
  3. Fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins and antioxidants, so they are important ingredients in dog food for poodles as well.
  4. Natural oils. Natural oils such as coconut oil, flaxseed oil, or hemp oil enhance the absorption of nutrients, so it is worth adding a few drops of organic oil to your poodle's food.

What Can Poodles Eat According to Their Nature and Physiology?

The first year of a poodle puppy's life is the most important one. During this period, the owner helps the puppy lay the foundation for strong immunity and balanced development. Immediately after birth, the poodle babies feed on their mother's milk.

When your puppy is one month old, you can start introducing him to alternative foods. As a first food, puppies receive meat or fish puree (without bones, scales, and fins) mixed with boiled vegetables. The puppy should try the vegetables one by one to avoid any food allergies.

By the age of three months, babies get started with receiving complementary foods and stop drinking their mother's milk. Next, the owner needs to decide on the poodle diet that he will follow in the future. Optimally, the pet should receive a balanced diet consisting of the ingredients that we listed above - fresh meat, fish, natural vegetables, fruits, and oils.

Dogs are
99,9% wolves

While there are different approaches to defining the best foods for poodles, raw food remains the smartest alternative. Humans began to domesticate and feed dogs more than two thousand years ago, and today many owners have forgotten that dogs are descendants of wolves.

From the evolutionary perspective, modern dogs are still quite able to eat food obtained independently on the hunt. No, this does not mean that you need to send your poodle to the forest. This means that when deciding on dog food for poodles, you should consider the evolutionary characteristics of dogs.

They cannot eat food from the human table, or dry food - their stomachs are simply not adapted for such meals. If you choose artificial food for your poodle, you worsen the quality of his life and health, shorten his lifetime, and harm his digestive and immune systems.

Raw food is the healthiest choice you can make for your poodle. ZENOO offers raw food sets based on natural and non-processed ingredients which are perfectly tailored to the breed’s needs and your dog’s age.  

This is the best choice you can make for your pet since the nutrition it will receive fully meets poodle food recommendations, and there is no need for additional meals, supplements, or vitamins. Plus, with ZENOO you can get a personalized diet plan and direct-to-door delivery.

Rigby loves ZENOO raw food, we forgot how picky he used to be.

Also, using ZENOO properly formulated lifestyle plans we have managed to perfect Rigby's health - his blood results are ideal, he has a shinier coat, increased appetite & less digestion.

- Rigby's owner Linda

Poodle Food Recommendations - 5 Do’s and Don’ts

While a raw meal may be considered the best food for poodles, it’s still important to be aware of the products that you should avoid in your pet’s diet. Below is the list of prohibited products and their healthy alternatives.

Don’t - Chocolate

Chocolate is categorically contraindicated for animals, and it contains elements that are toxic to dogs. Chocolate in large quantities can be fatal, so never leave sweets within your poodle’s reach.

Do - No alternative

Dogs don’t need sugar at all since they have no gastric enzyme to break it down properly.

Don’t - Food from Your Table

Food from the owner's table is categorically contraindicated for dogs of any breed. Firstly, it can be dangerous for the dog - the animal can grab a long bone or a product containing a strong allergen. Secondly, it is an indicator of poor dog training.

Do - Food from Pet’s Bowl

Teach your dog that the food intended for him is in his bowl exclusively. If you are raising several dogs at the same time, separate feeding areas to reduce competition for food. Do not treat the dog from your table, as this is expressing an inconsistency that the dog will definitely take advantage of when begging next time.

Don’t - Chicken Grown with Antibiotics

Despite being easily digestible, low in calories, and high in protein, chickens are often grown using antibiotics supplements. This is definitely not the best food for poodles, so avoid this meat in your dog's diet.

Do - Beef

Beef is a healthier meat alternative compared to chicken. This meat contains a huge amount of proteins and B vitamins, as well as microelements, amino acids, collagen, and elastin.

Don’t - Grains

As the ancestors of wolves, dogs are unable to digest crops as they have never been a part of their diet. Feeding a dog using grains is like feeding a horse with meat - just as irrational and extremely harmful.

Do - Vegetables

Vegetables are quite healthy additions to meat and fish compared to grains and crops. Dogs can eat dark green vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, plus carrots.

Don’t - Chemically Grown Fruits and Vegetables

However, you should be careful with fruits and vegetables as well. The ones that are grown using pesticides aren’t the best choice for your dog.

Do - ZENOO raw food

With the aim of delivering the ultimate value to your dog’s health, we are powering our raw food with natural vegetables that are grown on reliable EU farms. You can even complement it with antibiotic-free beef meat and pure oils that are responsible for better digestion.


Choosing healthy dog food for poodles isn’t difficult if you have a reliable dog food producer nearby. We, at ZENOO, stand for your dog’s opportunity to live in the best health possible, and with this goal, we create top-notch raw meal sets. We also encourage you to get in touch with us for customized price offerings and a personalized diet plan based on your dog’s needs.

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