What is the RAW diet for dogs and its benefits?

What is the RAW food diet for dogs? 

Dogs evolved from wolves, which means they are predators in their nature. They have lived in the wild for thousands of years and ate what they hunted, found or dug up. Their main food sources were meat, bones, offal, vegetables, seeds and roots. No wolf or wild dog had the opportunity to eat the cooked, legume-based food we now give to our dogs. 

Therefore, their digestive tract and body are still not fully able to break down grain products, tolerate various preservatives, coffee, dyes or other chemicals. As a result, lately there are more and more cases of various diseases, allergies and obesity in dogs.

This is where the RAW comes in. It is a diet with fresh, uncooked animal protein and fat, i.e. meat, bones and various offal. This diet is the most natural and closest model to the natural predator diet. It provides all the necessary nutrients to the dog’s body without any unnecessary additives, such as starch, synthetic fat and so on.

The RAW diet is segmented into two types: the BARF and the Prey model. 

Besides products of animal origin, the BARF diet contains vegetables, berries, seeds and various oils. Such additional ingredients supplement the diet with various vitamins and minerals. This dietary model can help treat certain diseases and strengthen your dog’s immunity immunity.

Meanwhile, the Prey model uses entirely animal origin products, which should be the primary and most abundant ingredient in the daily portion. 

However, if you choose to feed your pet with the Prey model diet, it is crucial to know that it has to consist of “complete animals,” such as whole hens (with feathers, legs, internal organs, etc.).


Most pet owners choose the RAW diet when their pets are experiencing various health problems, and veterinary treatment does not help their pet. 

Only then do people start to delve deeper into their pet’s health, seeking the underlying causes for the dog’s  problems. Luckily, they discover like-minded pet owners who have experienced similar health issues, but have overcome them by introducing the RAW pet diet. 

Improved skin condition and sleek fur

The most significant and obviously noticeable result of introducing the RAW diet to your pet is improved skin and sleek and easily manageable fur. The fresh proteins and natural fats in the RAW diet improve the condition of the skin, prevent various skin diseases and revive the shine of healthy fur.

Restored digestive system (or gut health) and good nutrition absorption 

Usually when owners start feeding their pets the RAW diet, they are surprised  their dog starts to defecate less frequently and in lesser quantities. Also, their dog consumes less drinking water. 

This is because all the nutrients obtained with RAW food are natural, recognizable and well digested. The body intuitively knows how to assimilate nutrients and which "shelf" to put them in. Unlike when feeding a dog a dry food diet, the body does not need to eliminate unnecessary substances, such as starch or synthetic additives.

Along with the meat in RAW meals, the dog’s body also acquires a large amount of water, which is enriched with various elements, thus reducing the need to drink additional water. Such a change in their behavior should not worry you. On the contrary, it shows that you are on the right track. 

Clean teeth, reduced plaque and non-tearing eyes

Unpleasant odor from the mouth, plaque-covered teeth and tearing eyes are signs of excess starch in the body. After eliminating unnecessary carbohydrates from the diet, the bacteria that cause all these problems no longer have the proper conditions to multiply, and these problems begin to disappear.

As we observed, after starting to feed RAW, these problems may intensify in the beginning because the antioxidant process begins. It starts to promote faster body cleansing. Keep in mind, additional preventive cleansing of the ears, eyes or teeth may be needed to remove plaque faster.

Normalized weight and higher energy levels

A round and fluffy dog may look cute and cuddly, but being overweight is a dangerous and severe condition. Over time, excessive weight promotes not only joint and muscle diseases but also various inflammations, which significantly increase the risk of developing diabetes.

All this is because dry food contains an unnecessary amount (40-60%) of carbohydrates, which the dog's body is unable to break down. Therefore, carbohydrates accumulate in the form of fat in the dog's body. Also, when feeding a personalized and balanced diet, the dog feels chipper and more energetic. And those lost excessive kilograms eliminate the feeling of heaviness.

Boosted immune system

Studies show that RAW-fed pets are significantly less likely to get sick. They do not come down with  skin diseases, inflammation, digestive problems or obesity. Pet owners notice that visits to the veterinary clinic are less frequent, which in return reduces vet bills. 

Where to start?

Before changing your pet’s diet, it is essential to have reliable meat suppliers who supply fresh, organic, healthy animal meat. Or to choose custom-made nutritious RAW meals such as ZENOO. Then, all you have to do is to choose the right way to introduce a new diet and gird yourself with patience to embark on a healthier lifestyle and a happier dog.

Of course, at first, it may seem complicated and confusing, but the very principle of RAW diet is quite simple. The most important thing is to adapt it individually to your dog and not to expect  results to be noticeable in the first days. Wonderful changes begin to appear usually 2-4 weeks after introducing the RAW diet. Trust the process!